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Hi! My name is Anika Bhatia and I started my cake design business back in 2019.


I love being able to bring a little goodness to people’s lives by giving them beautiful and delicious confections to indulge in! Hearing that someone enjoys my creations makes all the work so worth it and I put my heart and soul into every single order! All orders are custom made which means you will not find me in a storefront. I own a private cake studio in Arlington where private cake tastings can be held (by appointment only). Everything I bake is made from fresh, high-quality ingredients and I pride myself on making everything from scratch. From fresh fruit compote fillings to light and delicious Swiss meringue buttercream. My goal is to have you walk away with a stunning & unique design that will make your celebration even more memorable!

I am truly grateful to all the pastry chefs, sugar artists, and cake designers who have taught me over the years. I love learning new skills to further my passion to make your celebration dreams come true!

Anika Bhatia

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