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Welcome to the best part of wedding planning! The cake! (Yes, I am biased)

I want to demystify the wedding cake process and pricing! You often hear how pricing is increased just because you mention the word "wedding" and you feel like you are being taken on a ride by the wedding industry!

Review this page for information on wedding cakes, wedding cake starting prices & wedding cake alternatives. Please do not hesitate to reach out with more questions! 

I am not here to convince you to spend more than you want to, I’m here to help you design the best cake I can for the budget you have!

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Wedding Cake Pricing

They say you can't put a price on love...until you plan a wedding! One of the biggest stressors when planning a wedding is sticking to a budget. A lot of people feel that things are marked up "just because it's a wedding". 

I would like to give you a little insight into why a custom wedding cake may be more than a custom celebration cake.

  • A wedding cake requires more time for consultation, research, designing, and room for adjustments.

  •  A wedding cake tends to be larger than celebration cakes (of course, not always the case) and requires internal structures and the skill of stacking for stability.

  • Wedding cakes made from scratch ingredients are expensive to make. The average 3 tier cake takes 52 sticks of butter and 76 eggs! 

  • Wedding cakes, due to size, can get very heavy and require extreme care in regards to appropriate support and transportation. Often they require two people to lift. 

  • Once the cake is transported to the venue it has to be set up, possibly touched up, and inspected to be sure it can withstand the time between set-up and cake cutting. This can also require additional time for communication and coordination with the wedding planner and/or venue coordinator. 

  • A wedding is arguably one of the most important and significant days in someone's life. No cake designer wants to be responsible for putting a damper on this day due to a bad cake experience! This means putting extra attention on every single detail! 

​All these factors go into the pricing of a wedding cake (including design, flavor, and filling) which is why you will often see a higher cost associated with a wedding cake. There are a lot of moving parts and we want to make sure it is perfect! On the same note, if an identical cake was ordered for a celebration instead of a wedding that required just as much detail, work, and coordination, the cost would not change. 

Cake Pricing Explained
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Wedding Cake
Sizes, Servings and Starting Price

*Please note these are standard sizes to give you an idea of some common wedding cakes. Tier heights, shapes, and sizes can be completely customized and unique 

  • Serving number is based on standard wedding cake slice size 1" x 2" x 5"

  • Starting Price reflects standard flavors and simple frosting 

  • Getting a cake in your budget is all about the details. The more details added, the higher the cost. 

  • For fondant covered cakes, I utilize a luxury brand that has a beautiful, mild taste and can be rolled thin. A thin layer of chocolate ganache will be added to the outside of the cake (on top of the buttercream) to allow the fondant to keep the intended shape and stability. While this allows for beautiful, intricate designs, it will have a higher cost than buttercream-only cakes. 

*Cost does not include delivery & set-up fee which starts at $50 and can be influenced by distance of venue and set-up  requirements

Tiers: 2

Tier Sizes: 8" / 6"

Tier Height: 5"

Servings: 36

Buttercream Starting Price: $175

Fondant Covered Starting Price: $300

Tiers: 3

Tier Sizes: 10" / 8" / 6"

Tier Height: 5"

Servings: 74

Buttercream Starting Price: $350

Fondant Covered Starting Price: $500

Tiers: 4

Tier Sizes: 12" / 10" / 8" / 6"

Tier Height: 5"

Servings: 130

Starting Price: $500

Fondant Starting Price: $700

Weddin Cake Pricing
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Wedding Cake Alternatives Or
Accompanying Options

Wedding Cakes are not for everyone or they may not provide as much variety as you want to offer your guests. Or maybe you have 200 guests but don't want a huge cake! 

Whatever the reason, there are alternatives, additions, and ways to make it completely your own! 

French Macaron Tower/Display


This is a beautiful and unique alternative to a wedding cake!

  • Customizable size, flavors, colors! ​

  • ​The display does not have to be a tower. I can display French Macarons anyway that Is preferred. Contact me and we can brainstorm what suits your vision best! 

  • Click HERE to review macaron pricing and flavors 

  • *Tower stand(s) will either need to be purchased by you or rented through Every Crumb Counts Bakery or a third party of your choosing. 

  • The rental fee is $25 and will be required to be returned within 5 days after the event date 

Multi-Cake Table 

Why just have one large wedding cake? Many couples opt for a beautiful modern table display of several cakes. 

  • Choose a different cake flavor for each cake to offer a variety 

  • Cakes can be of varying height, size, mini cakes, tall takes, regular cakes

  • Each cake can have a different decor with a common theme.

  • There are so many unique things you can do with this option. Anything from classic simplicity to unique modern flare! 

  • *Depending on your vision, you may need to purchase or rent several cake stands. We can figure this out together! 

Dessert Table


All the choices this one presents! The sky is the limit as there are so many dessert options! 

These are just a few suggestions. If there is something you love and don't see, don't hesitate to ask for it! 

  • French Macarons 

  • Dessert Cups

  • Cookies 

  • Petit Fours 

  • Cake Truffles 

  • Cupcakes 

  • Brownies 

  • Meringue Cookies (must be individually packaged to keep that perfect crunch)

Cake Alternative
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